Correct Breathing Technique

One of the most important aspects of weight training is correct breathing. Experts and experienced gym goers know very well about the significance of proper breathing. If you hold your breath while lifting a weight, you run the risk of raising your blood pressure and starving your brain of oxygen. You should try to exhale during the "positive," or main exertion phase, and inhale during the "negative" - the phase in which you resist and come back slowly. So while doing exercise you need to inhale for the relax movements and exhale while using force. This is done to provide adequate amount of oxygen for the muscle in order to have right contraction.

Also if you try to hold your breath while doing exercise, the brain cannot send proper neural impulses to your target muscle area which results in fatigue and you give up early. This proper technique of breathing also helps in reduction of lactic acid which breaks the connection between brain and muscles. So next time before you grab weights just remember that proper breathing enhances the workout results.