How to grow your Biceps and Forearms..

Biceps and Forearm exercises for beginners..

Most of beginners aspire for getting big biceps, however, it requires great deal of technique and understanding about your arm movements. You need to get familiar with the proper moves and keep them close at hand as you build your arms.

During all your biceps exercises, do not take help of momentum. Momentum is a way of cheating in which you swing the weights up. Also, don't rock your body forware to initate. If you build strength in your forarms, it helps in doing other exerciese specially for back moves. So its recommended that you should ideally continue to train your forearms as long as you are doing weight training.

However, before actually jumping to free weights its always recommended to work with machines which balances your motions and helps you in giving a kickstart for weight training and you should gradually move towards free weights.

Standard BarBell Curls

1. Bend your knees slightly and your feeys should be about hip-width apart.

2. Hold the barbell with keeping your palms at shoulder width. Tighten your abs by pulling in and KEEP YOUR ELBOWS STATIONARY.

3. Keep in mind that while lifting the weight exhale and inhale when you bring it down.

4. Curl the bar towards your shoulders without swinging. At the top of movement, contract your biceps by squeezing and slowly bring the bar down.

5. Don't touch your shoulders while bring it up and dont make it rest on your thighs in down position.

Close Barbell Curls

1. Hold a barbell with both hands, palms up and about 6 to 8 inches apart.

2. Stand straight up and keep your back in a firm and comfortable position.

3. Slowly curl the bar up as if you are TRYING to touch your shoulders. Keep your elbows isolated and locked at your sides.

4. At the top movement, pause for a while, squeeze your biceps.

5. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

1. Use a regular preacher bench. Adjust the height so that your armpits can comfortably fit on the pad.

2. Grab an EZ Curl Bar with underhad grip so that your little fingers are higher than your thumbs. This grip helps in isolating the lower biceps.

3. Place your feet forward to stabilize your body.

4. Slowly curl the bar upward as if trying to touch your chin with the bar. Pause and squeeze your biceps.

5. Slowly return to the start position allowing some resistance ( negative) on the way back down.

6. Repeat the movement until failure (till you are not able to perform any rep).

Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curl

1. Get an incline bench and set it to about a 45 degree angle.

2. Grab a dumbbell in each hand according to your capacity.

3. Hold the dumbbells in a neutral way (palms facing each other). You need to do same movement with alternate hands to complete one rep.

4. Isolate your elbow and keep them still. Slowly lift the dumbbell in your right hand. While lifting it, turn your hand in a way so that your palm faces your shoulder. Pause and squeeze your biceps at the top.

5. Slowly bring it down to starting position.

6. Repeat with your left hand.

ForeArms Exercises

You should perform forearms along with biceps exercise.

Reverse Wrist Curl and Wrist Curl:

1. Grab a straight bar with and overhand grip (your palm facing downwards). Hands should be 10 inches apart.

2. Kneel down on the floor alone one side of flat bench.

3. Put your elbows on the surface of bench and let your hands and wrists hang over the edge of bench.

4. Curl your hands as high as possible and then lower the weight to downward position.

5. Keep your thumbs on the underside of the bar to maximize the motion.

6. Later, use an underhand (holding bar with palm upwards) grip with your hands about 4 inches apart (thumbs under the bar) and perform the same movement.

Biceps Exercises
Name of ExerciseNumber of RepetitionsNumber of Sets
Standing Barbell Curl 12, 10, 10 3
Close Barbell curls 12, 10, 10 3
EZ-Bar Preacher Curl 10 2
Alternate Incline DB Curl 102
Forearms Exercises
Name of Exercise Number of RepetitionsNumber of Sets
Reverse Wrist Curl 121
Wrist Curl 121