Know about how to start Running..

The most difficult part of any fitness program is your first step towards it. Similarly the hardest step for running is getting started. If you are quite determined and have already thought of taking the leap and start running, you have won half of the battle.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination" - Tommy Lasorda

Running is in fact a healthy activity for which you don’t have to spend too much money to buy fitness tools, just grab your watch and get in to your shoes and RUN??

WAIT!! That’s exactly the mistake we all do while starting any kind of fitness program. We need to collect information like “How to Run” or “Running for beginners”. Many people think that there is nothing to know about running and it’s just something which everyone knows naturally, but it does take some knowledge and forethought to run WITHOUT GETTING HURT. I seriously recommend consulting a doctor before you start running if any of following applies:

• You are a smoker.
• You just recovered from an illness.
• You have been stressed a lot.
• You have family history of heart problems.
• You have history of high blood pressure.
• You are overweight and thinking to shed some pounds.
• You are quite old and not accustomed to vigorous exercise.
• Your last medical check-up resulted in special attention.

Even if you don’t belong to these categories, there is no harm in consulting your family doctor। In fact doing this will benefit you in lot of ways:

• Your immediate health concerns or issues, if any, can be handled by doctor and she can suggest you about whether to go ahead or not.
• Your doctor can evaluate your plan and give the tips.
• If you are trying to lose weight, a doctor may assist you in setting your limits of losing weight and provide you a healthy diet plan as well.

So I advise you again to have your check-up before starting running। Now we need a plan to implement. For beginners, the main problem is that either they try to run too fast or too far and push themselves quite hard and get injured. Please do not compare yourself with experienced runners and hurt your ego. It takes time to build the stamina to run fast and for long distances. Well, how about making a plan and sticking to it for few weeks? Sounds good?

Alright!! We are eager and excited to take this challenge now, let’s adapt this simple plan in our life for 10 weeks and set aside 30 minutes for running:

This plan requires taking rest on alternate days during initial weeks and contains a mix of running and walking। It is highly recommended that you walk for quite some time during first few weeks। Remember, our main aim is to make the body used to running activity gradually without pushing it too hard and avoid injuries.

Week Run Walk Repeat
1 2 minutes 4 minutes 5 times
2 3 minutes 3 minutes 5 times
3 5 minutes 2.5 minutes 4 times
4 7 minutes 3 minutes 3 times
5 8 minutes 2 minutes 3 times
6 9 minutes 2 minutes 2 times, then run 8 minutes
7 9 minutes 1 minute 3 times
8 13 minutes 2 minutes 2 times
9 14 minutes 1 minute 2 times
10 30 minutes - -

Tips for starting running
• Consult a doctor before starting running
• Start slowly and build up
• As I said earlier for other fitness exercises, keep a log for running as well.
• Make plan, stick to it and set yourself a goal
• Stretch your muscles and it is always better to do it after a warm up or the complete running routine.
• Get yourself comfortable running shoes.
• Watch and Run safely
• Drink lots of water and eat proper diet having adequate amount of Carbohydrates.

I love running and run five times a week. Take running as a fun and you will be amazed to realize that it is a wonderful stress buster.


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