Dude!! Dumbbells are not dumb at all...

Have you ever thought that why do we call these little equipments used in strength training as Dumbbells? Yes, those short bars with two metal rings or balls at their ends. I was amazed to find that it relates way back to...
Church bells!!

Ringing a heavy church bell properly, requires a substantial amount of strength due to which the ringers have to build up their arms strength using a rope connected to a metal weight. The exercise was to dangle this weighted rope against an imaginary bell which produced no sound – absolutely silent or “DUMB”. Gradually, the same weighted rope concept was fabricated into something which we call as Dumbbell today.

Trust me dumbbells are really not dumb at all. When it comes to versatility, ease of use and effectiveness, no piece of equipment is more effective at building than a pair of dumbbells. As compared to other equipments in gym, they are comparatively inexpensive, compact and are great tools for your workout at home. Many types of equipment have come and gone but dumbbells have sustained their position as part of weight training and programs.

Help in building strength
The dumbbell workouts require you to use stabilizing muscles that are important to strength, balance, and posture. Also the dumbbell exercises use many of the body’s natural movement patterns and also incorporate a greater range of movement than many other types of fitness equipment. And the flexibility of dumbbell workouts means that you can target specific areas of the body very effectively.

A complete workout
Most of people don’t think beyond bicep or triceps whenever they see dumbbells. In fact, dumbbells can be used for exercises like lunges, deadlifts, side bends and weight crunches.

Build strength faster
Dumbbells help in negative training resistance. Negative resistance is the stress which we put on muscles while lower or negative phase of exercise (Positive phase is the one where you lift the weights. Like we you are doing bicep curls and after 20 reps, you are pretty exhausted. Cheat it using your other hand to lift the weight but lower it down slowly and steadily for negative resistance.

So it turns out that dumbbell are not dumb at all. Though there are lots of exercises which can be done with dumbbells, but here is a wonderful workout with dumbbells:

Name of ExerciseNumber of RepetitionsRest
Number of Sets
Single-Leg Squat8 to 12 for each leg 30 Seconds2
Dumbbell Clean10 each side 30 Seconds2
Clock Lunges7 each side 30 Seconds2
Pushup Position Flow6 for each arm 30 Seconds2
Overextension KickBack8 for each arm 30 Seconds2
Bentover Row With Extension8 each 30 Seconds2
Supinating Dumbbell Curl8 to 12 for each arm 30 Seconds2
Golf Squat10 to 15 each side 30 Seconds2
Dumbbell Lunge with Lateral Raise6 for each leg 30 Seconds2


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